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Staff Application

AGBC Summer Staff Application

Thank you for considering working at Amazing Grace Baptist Camp this summer! As part of the application process, we would like to have a current picture of you. Please e-mail a digital photo to the camp or like us on Facebook. We pray that God would direct your steps, no matter where you decide to serve this summer

General Information

Biographical Information

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Desired Position

Please check any and all positions you are applying for at AGBC

Previous Employment

Please list your last 3 employers starting with the most recent


Please list 3 references: 1 pastoral, 1 friend, and 1 family member.

Summer Staff Availability

Please check all weeks that you will not be able to work. This helps us as we plan our schedules. If your availability for a certain week is unsure or becomes a problem please contact the camp office as soon as possible.

You need to commit to at least four consecutive weeks during the summer.

Salvation Testimony

Please tell us how you know that you would go to heaven if you died.

Camp Staff Member Promise

As a member of the AGBC staff, by God’s help, I will: maintain private devotions, serve the campers of AGBC, share the gospel with campers, abide by the camp policies as outlined in training, promote harmony and not discord among the staff members, not make negative comments about other staff members of the camping program of those in authority, submit to the authority of the established chain of command, put the camper’s welfare and enjoyment above my own personal comfort, and attend the offered training that pertains to my position on the staff. I have read this staff promise and will endeavor to live up to its high standard. To the best of my knowledge, all the information contained in this application is true.

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