Details you need to know before attending camp.

We hold to a conservative position on attire and conduct. We reserve the right to ask any camper to change dress or behavior that may be deemed inappropriate. There is no physical contact between campers. There are separate swim times for girls and guys. Avoid wearing clothing with inappropriate advertising.

What to Bring
Bible, pen, sleeping bag or blankets, pillow, towels, personal toiletries and accessories, sunblock, insect repellent, swimsuit, jacket, extra clothes for getting wet and dirty (may get stained), dress clothes for services, camera, spending money for Snack Shack.

What to Leave at Home
Cell phones, computers, tablets, mp3 players, and other electronic or media devices, magazines, books, food and snacks, knives, firearms, paintballs, and fireworks. Campers who bring tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be sent home at their expense. Adult campers may bring tablets, computers, and cell phones.

Ladies’ Attire
All clothing worn for daily activities as well as for services must be modest and should come to the middle of the knee. Loose-fitting pants and shorts are acceptable for daily activities. Skirts, dresses, or nice casual clothing should be worn for evening services. Shirts with sleeves are recommended; no tank tops or spaghetti strap tops should be worn. All swimsuits should be one piece or should meet in the middle.

Men’s Attire: All shirts must have sleeves; no tank tops. Jeans, khakis, and athletic pants or shorts may be worn throughout the day. Shorts need to come to the middle of the knee and should not be worn for evening services. Nice, casual clothing should be worn to the evening service – collared shirts are recommended. Recreational clothing should be comfortable, yet conservative.

All Campers
All clothing must cover from “neck to knee.” AGBC reserves the right to request a change in any clothing or behavior deemed inappropriate. All campers are expected to stay the entire week of camp. Attendance is required at all meetings.

Campers provide their own insurance. The camp provides secondary insurance only.

Campers will not be allowed to use the phone except in an emergency. Visits by immediate family members must by prearranged through the camp office.

A nurse will be on-call at all times. All medication will be given to the nurse at registration and must be in its original labeled container. The nurse will be responsible for dispensing medication.

Lost Items
AGBC is not responsible for lost, broken, stolen, or unclaimed personal property. Items not requested within 12 days will be donated or discarded. Requested items will be sent at the cost of the individual.

Extra Camp Costs (optional)
Rifle Range, Snack Shack, Camp T-shirts, Camp Pictures, Late Night Menu, and Airsoft. An offering will be collected each week.

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