Community Initiative

Our Next Community Initiative Week is:

Junior Camp: July 18-23, 2022


Community Initiative week hosted by Amazing Grace Baptist Camp provides a one week intensive camp program customized for the local residents of Franklin and Douglas counties. AGBC along with local partnering businesses will offer a week of camp to adolescents for the sole purpose of growing them as individuals. The week of camp will consist of leadership development through character building and personal counseling. At a time when America is facing a youth crisis in depression, suicide, bullying, and drug abuse it’s time for our community to stand out as a people that will change the epidemic and invest in our young people for guidance. Partner with us to make a lasting impact that will improve our community for good in the years to come.

Amazing Grace Baptist Camp at a Glance

Since 1969, Amazing Grace Baptist Camp has served the Ottawa community, as well as campers across the country. We emphasize personal development, building interpersonal skills, and spiritual counseling through the Bible.

We have the capacity to house 150 campers on our beautiful campus, located just north of Ottawa, about 20 minutes from Lawrence.

Program Highlights

  • Personal development – Proper decision making, physical exercise, & mental and emotional fortitude.
  • Community Awareness Classes: Specialized sessions every morning focusing on community involvement.
  • Interpersonal Skills –Developing social skills to be a responsible neighbor.
  • Professionalism – Developing a confident, competent attitude .
  • Spiritual Counseling – One-on-one counseling by trained staff at Amazing Grace Baptist Camp, evening motivational speaking from local pastors.
  • Team Building – Healthy competition designed to promote working with others.
  • Thursday Family Fun Night – Family members are invited to attend the special program of camp skits and laughter followed by a dessert fellowship.
  • Friday Testimony Service

Camper Qualification:

  • Apply – Every potential camper can fill out an application and submit to our office.
  • Admittance – Every camper should have a recommendation from a parent/guardian and a school teacher and have maintained reputable behavior during the school year. Each camper will be accepted at the discretion of the AGBC staff.

Camp Activities:

  • Putt-Putt
  • Boating and fishing
  • Disc golf
  • Swimming pool
  • Paintball field
  • Obstacle course
  • Rifle range
  • Hiking trails
  • Game room
  • Outdoor volleyball and basketball court
  • And more…

For more information, call our office today: (785) 242-4086



  • You can sponsor one child for $220
  • 2 for $440
  • 5 for $1,000
  • 10 for $2,000

Amazing Grace Baptist Camp is a non-profit organization. All donations will be acknowledged in writing for your tax records.