Discounts Available

Multiple Camper Discount
In order to help families that have more than one child, we are extending a discount for those who register multiple children for the SAME WEEK
of camp. The first child will be charged for the full price of camp; additional children will be charged only $175. No family will have to pay more than $800 during a single week of camp for up to 6 children. Any children beyond six will be charged $50 per child. Only the first child is eligible to receive an Early Bird discount.

Sponsor Discount
One sponsor may stay free of charge for every 15 campers from your church (while housing is available). Sponsor registration forms must be submitted. Sponsor couple housing is limited and cannot be guaranteed. Contact the camp for availability.

“Spirit” Coupon
Purchase a Spirit Coupon and get the advantage on all the latest items at the AGBC store. The cost is $25 if purchased by June 1; after June 1, the coupon is $30 while supplies last. This is an additional cost separate from the registration fee.

Early Bird Discounts
Each camper who submits a registration and medical form along with the pre- registration fee of $25 by February 15 will receive a $20 discount for 1st Early Bird. If the camper sends in the said forms mentioned above along with the pre-registration fee of $25 by April 1, then they will receive a $10 discount for 2nd Early Bird.

2nd Week of Camp Discount
A camper attending a second week of camp will receive a discounted rate of $160 for juniors or teens.

“Camp Friend” Gift Card
Group leaders who invite and bring a new church group to camp will receive a complimentary meal at Ottawa’s famous Smoked Creations BBQ and a $100 gift card.


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