Ben Farrell was privileged to grow up in a Christian ministry home. He and his family travelled the nation sharing the gospel message. Yet even with multiple preachers in his family tree, Ben had to come to understand his personal need of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. He rejoices in God’s gracious work of saving him at an early age. It was during his teen years that Ben began to sense God’s call on his life for Christian ministry. After surrendering to God’s call, Ben began his formal ministry training in preparation for service to the Lord at Bob Jones University. It was there that God brought Tara into Ben’s life.
After finishing their college education, Tara and Ben were married in 2002. From there they moved to Kansas City, Missouri where Ben completed a Master of Divinity from Heart of America Theological Seminary. It was then that the couple began traveling in full-time evangelism serving in local churches, Christian camps, and foreign mission fields. During this time God blessed the Farrells with two children, Clayton and Chloe. In 2013, the Farrell family moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where Ben served as Associate Pastor. It was here that God grew the desire and heart for pastoral work in the Farrells’ lives. In June of 2019, Reedy Creek Baptist Church of Lexington, NC, called Ben to be their pastor.
Pastor Ben enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, reading, and sports. Above all he desires to be a student of the Word who is “rightly dividing the word of truth” in order that God’s people might be challenged and encouraged.