Jame is no stranger to ministry. She accepted the Lord as personal Savior at the age of 7, and as a teen she began ministering to others by working on a church bus route in Virginia and helping with children’s ministry. She has always loved to sing which is probably why the Lord allows her to reference the Psalms so often in her teaching. At Bible College where she and Jon met, she traveled with a singing group, ministering to families across the country. Jon’s first ministry opportunity brought them to Michigan where he served as a youth pastor, which of course meant many opportunities to teach and minister to ladies and children for Jame’. Because of their love of singing, the Lord has allowed them numerous opportunities to minister with music with their two daughters. In 2006 they moved to Camp CoBeAc in Northern MI, where Jame had the joy of assisting with ladies ministries including Women Counseling Women taught by Debi Pryde. She then had many opportunities to speak to church ladies groups for Mother/Daughter banquets and their ladies’ conferences. When she can find some spare time, she loves to garden, and she is now enjoying life with grown children as well.