Pastor Scott Tewell answered God’s call to Rosedale Baptist Church in 1997. Over the past 21 years, God has seen fit to use Pastor Tewell and his wife, Charlene, to see hundreds of people added to the church. While right at 100 people voted for him in 1997, nearly 1,800 people call Rosedale Baptist Church “home” today.

Pastor Tewell firmly believes in the ​chapter by chapter, verse by verse preaching and teaching of the Bible. During Pastor’s first 15 years at Rosedale, he preached through the entire 66 books of the Bible. Rosedale exists to proclaim the Word of God both in the Baltimore community as well as globally through the vision of Pastor Tewell.

Pastor and his family have a true love for each and every person that comes in contact with our ministry. If you’re new to Rosedale, you will find Pastor in the parking lot before and after each Sunday morning worship time as he greets everyone on their way in or way out.